Ladies Night in the Park

Event Date

October 2019


Foulger Pratt/Potomac Park


Park Potomac’s outdoor green space




Case Studies, Corporate Events

The Goal

Design a fresh, new public event that attracts the target demographic for the tenants in Park Potomac, a residential and commercial town square in Potomac, Maryland. Attendance target: 150-200 people

The Strategy

Before anything else, we took a deep dive into crafting a full persona of the target attendee. We held a strategy meeting with the Foulger Pratt team and asked specific questions to really understand who they wanted to attend.

In the past, the company’s events brought in people of all demographics, mostly families, but didn’t see them return again after the event, so we had to attract a new group.

After digging deeper, we identified that their target was middle-aged females with expendable income.

The Design

We branded the event “Ladies Night in Park” playing off of Park Potomac and created chic design for the look and feel of the invitations and marketing materials.

We built a budget that allowed for the event to be self-funded and guests to come for free, while partnering with a local charity that helps homeless women with bras and feminine hygiene products.

SaSarah Frazier of the “Hey Fraise” podcast also joined in to help promote the event to her listeners, who fit the target attendee profile, and also did a live podcast to kick off the event that evening.

The Results

It turned out to be a beautiful fall evening that attracted more than 250 people during the three-hour event. Ladies nibbled on bites provided by restaurants in the development, sipped on wines from the local wine shop and danced the night away, all while collecting hundreds of products for I Support the Girls non-profit.