Lighting of the Vines Launch Party

Event Date

December 2019


Bluemont Vineyard


Bluemont Vineyard




Case Studies, Corporate Events

The Goal

Produce a launch party for a brand-new experience in Loudoun County for residents and others in the Washington, DC area to experience as Bluemont Vineyards prepared to light 10,000 vines for the holiday season. The client wanted to do this event to bring the community together to kick off the holiday season and raise money for a local charity.

The Strategy

The winery does dozens of events each year but this would be the first high-dollar ticketed event the winery had ever held so they were uncertain what the response would be like. We came up with a strategy and budget that allowed for them to cover their costs and feel comfortable charging a ticket price that would likely bring in a new group of people to the winery.

Once tickets started to sell we would re-look at the budget and determine what we could spend to style the space. At that point we could design a program and atmosphere that was worthy of this grandiose experience of lighting 10,000 of their vines for the first time.

The Results

The event turned out to be a great success both experience-wise and financially. Guests said that we exceeded their expectations and the tie in with the beneficiary had people in tears.

Vendors who had worked in the space before said they had never seen it look more beautiful. As a team with Bluemont, we created an event in Loudoun that people won’t want to miss and this year will offer corporate sponsorship packages to increase revenues for the selected nonprofit.