We do it right, the first time.

Understanding the “why” being an event is a critical first step in planning any event.  Whether it’s a fundraiser, gala, meeting, golf tournament, sales meeting, customer appreciation event or trade show activation, you have a mission in mind and we want to learn about it all, and why it exists. A strategically and creatively designed event with seamless execution is what you need to make that goal a reality. With over 30 years of combined experience in events and marketing, we get the job done right, the first time.

Event Design & Production

Host an experience to remember

We believe the entire event experience is important, taking into account all senses, and surprising guests with current, fascinating, and engaging activity. From the intrigue they feel when they receive the branded invitation, to the lure they experience when they enter the room. Everything matters. And with J Shea, no details are missed, and memories are made for each and every guest.

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Event Marketing & Branding

Set the tone for your event

Just as any business designs a logo as its first step in communicating who they are and what they do, an event’s brand sets the tone for what is to be expected leading up to, and on the day of the actual event. Strong branding and marketing is vital, and our creative team will get you set up for success before the event planning even begins.

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Virtual Events

Digital experiences that provide joy

In the COVID-19 environment we are living in, we are working to keep joyful events alive, even if they are virtual.

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Golf Tournaments

Hit the course

Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or breathe new life (and profitability) into your golf event, the many moving parts and people can be a logistical challenge for any team. With more than 60 golf events to our credit, let us help you make that process easier, more efficient, and a better return on your investment.

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The Style Lounge

A VIP activation your guests will remember

Help your guests feel like a VIP before your dinner, luncheon or gala begins. Our branded Style Lounge complete with makeup artists, hair stylists, comfortable seating, cocktails and light bites will set the tone for their entire experience.

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