PestWorld Annual Conference

Event Date

October 2019


National Pest Management Association


San Diego Convention Center




Association Events, Case Studies

The Goal

Drive traffic to the National Pest Management Association booth at the PestWorld Annual Conference so the organization could engage with attendees at the show, increase awareness about their current issues and add new members to the association.

The Strategy

They chose “Discover” for the booth’s theme so we needed to design creative ways to engage around that. Each day had a different word or action following that theme.

The Design

Day 1: “Discover Your Skills”

Since we were in California we thought it was a perfect place to bring in a surfboard simulator. The initial quotes we got were totally out of the client’s budget so we kept searching and eventually found a vendor that would work for us. Attendees had a blast trying to keep their balance and show their skills.

Day 2: “Discover Connections”

The client wanted to showcase the different committees that members could join so we set up a coffee lounge, with our unique spin, where they could do just that.

We brought in a local company we found on Instagram and they served Instagrammable rainbow lattes and coffees with logos in the milk. Guests had never seen anything like this before! (A J Shea team natural high)

Day 3: “Discover Your Heart”

This was the very last day of the show so we felt it was a great day to give them something delicious, impressive and then something cuddly that made their hearts melt.

We worked with our decorator to build a giant donut wall filled with more than 300 locally sourced fresh donuts. It was important to WOW and also deliver on an excellent tasting snack so we took that extra step to ensure the donuts were fresh and delicious.

On the other side of the space was an area that held two Husky puppies people could play with or cuddle. We donated 100% of the fee to have the puppies back to the rescue that provided them for us. That made it a win-win for everyone involved.

The Results

Every evening we got reassuring recaps from the client of their pleasure with the traffic to the booth that day. We had constant mentions of the coffee on Instagram and on Day 3 a line of people waiting to pet the puppies and snag a doughnut. The client considered the increased traffic goal not just reached, but exceeded!