We can all agree that we’re spending way too much time on video meetings these days.  Conference calls are a thing of the past; if you’re the one dialing in and not on video, the rest on the call are probably judging you–I’m just saying! LOL

But I get it, we’re having to get up close and personal with our colleagues and customers on a daily basis, it can be daunting. People get to see your home office, living room, bedroom and often that load of laundry or unmade bed in the background. Oops! I swear, sometimes I get online and it’s the first time I’ve even looked at myself that day.

We’ve all still got a lot to learn, so even if you’re not a savvy virtual meeting pro yet, we’ve got  four easy ways to start thinking and presenting like one.

Elevate Your Computer

Prop your laptop up with a riser or stand to reduce neck strain (for you) and appear eye level in your video call (for others) – it’s a win-win. To check if your positioning is correct: you should appear centered within the screen if you’re looking at yourself in the camera.

We like this one, this one, this one and this one, but there are many different styles available to match any home office aesthetic.

For a quick fix, use a stack of books!

Light It Up

Picture this: you’re about to join your next Zoom meeting and you know you’re looking good – your outfit is on point (on top at least), and your hair and makeup are looking fab. To go to turn on your webcam *GULP* and your reflection is vastly different than what you saw in your bathroom mirror. The culprit? Bad lighting.

Luckily, there is a simple fix for this that’s cheap AND will have you feeling like a #influencer in no time. Clip-on ring lights are the wave of the future (or the COVID pandemic); they fit right on your laptop screen or your phone, and many are less than $20.

Other tips: make sure that you are near a light source, like a window or a lamp, and that your ceiling lights are turned on as well. Be sure to clean your webcam lens every so often with screen-safe cleaner and a soft cloth to remove any dust or fingerprints.

The more light, the better – let the best version of you shine through!

Hit Snooze on Those Alerts

One of the most appreciated AND most overlooked prep tips that we have: silence your alerts. Nothing is more distracting to your audience than a constant barrage of electronic dings and buzzes from your devices.  It’s pretty simple actually – be sure to close down Outlook and any other program on your laptop that could make an audible “ding” during your webinar. Don’t forget to put your phone on silent too!

Spice Up Your Background

Turn on your camera and take a quick look at yourself. What’s behind you? Take a quick minute to make sure the background is clear of any clutter or distractions… remember that laundry pile we mentioned? Let’s move that out of the way so it’s not directly behind you.

Or instantly transport yourself to another location and show off your personality with a fun virtual background–they won’t have any idea about any mess, and most platforms have the capability to add one within Settings.

You’ve Got This

Follow these tips and virtual meetings will start to feel routine in no time… you’ll also appear more confident and ready to go for your colleagues and customers.

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