Got Style?  You can’t be innovative, unique, or memorable without it.

Before an event can be planned, produced, or promoted, we talk style. Just as personal style is a representation of who we are, your event’s style represents your brand.  Determining the right style for your events can be challenging and often gets ignored.  That’s where J Shea steps in.  We are event experts with a passion for helping businesses strategically curate engaging, joyful and stylish experiences.

We specialize in client facing events, fundraisers, galas, meetings and golf tournaments, taking them to new heights of creativity and strategy.  We encourage risks, challenge ideas, and never settle. Let us help you do the same.


Excellence.  J Shea is committed to providing absolute excellence during every step of the event process.  From the moment a client signs with us, until the event concludes, we strive for flawless execution.

Joy.  Our event stylists are happiest when they are creating the most memorable, joyful events possible.  We want all of our clients and their guests to be wowed and captivated from the moment they step into the event, until the moment they leave.  Delivering joy is at the heart of every J Shea idea.

Creativity.  Our event stylists are among the most innovative, creative, and imaginative in the industry.  We infuse creativity and engagement through the entire event to create a one-of-a-kind experience for every guest.

Dependability.  We’re in this together, every step of the way, as a true extension of your team.  We handle every detail so clients and guests can fully enjoy the occasion.  We recognize that our clients entrust their reputations to us, that our events represent their brand, and that we are one integral component of a much broader brand strategy.

Professionalism.  We represent our clients and their personal and professional brand.  All event stylists with J Shea have the experience and training to ensure all events meet the highest industry standards.  We are known for our professionalism in the industry and are proud of that reputation.