Last Minute Gift Ideas Everyone Needs In Their Life


“Hey 2016, where did you freakin’ go??”  I’m certain just last week I was prepping my house for 15 guests at Thanksgiving. So if you’re anything like, well, almost everyone else, you are still finishing up your shopping. There’s also a VERY good chance your boyfriend, husband, or other loved ones are also still looking for your holiday gift too.  Feel free to gently pass this email onto them if any of my suggestions tickle your fancy.  Tell them I sent ya 😉

Here are some last minute ideas that anyone could use to make 2017 a little bit easier.

My best purchase this year

rose-gold-usb-port-power-case-for-iphone-6-6s-4-7-7000mah-external-battery-backupIf you’re still rockin’ the phone case that only protects your phone, this is a must-have.  I just bought myself a charging case while traveling to Las Vegas.  I’m ashamed to admit I was weaseled by one of those kiosk people in the Venetian Hotel, but my gosh he was a good salesman. Not only did he sell me the case, but I ended up walking away with 2 pairs of “Siri-connectable” headphones for $300…yeah, that’s a whole other story!! (Suck-aaah!!).

But in reality my constantly-dying phone was one of my biggest problems on a daily basis. And when working an event, it’s a disaster! The case allows me to use my phone ALL DAY LONG (no joke!) without additional charging needed. I just charge it like I do my phone before going to bed each night then it provides an entire extra battery worth of charge to my phone without me needing to plug in again.  I’m all about alleviating stress where it can be and this did the trick. Problem solved.  You can find a similar case here with better reviews and lower price than the popular Mophie.  Get one for yourself and everyone left on your list. They will thank you.


For the items that seem to always go missing

img_accnounce_mate_family_tags_desktopTiles aren’t anything new or fancy, but they are legit for people who live crazy busy lives with a gazillion things going on at once.  (Or anyone who just constantly loses things 🙂 )  All you have to do is attach them to whatever seems to go missing in your life, then if you can’t locate said item (keys, TV remote, phone, etc) you activate the accompanying app on your phone and the tiles beep until you locate them. These are such a great too and now they have them in multiple formats to stick on the back of your devices, into your wallet, or on a key ring.

The Yeti tumbler

monogrammed yeti tumblersYes it’s worth mentioning again. Seriously, get a YETI tumbler! Coffee stays hot as heck, drinks stay iced cold. But the authorized YETI custom shop is totally BOOKED for the holidays! I went to buy one monogrammed for Matt early last week and they weren’t even taking orders if you want them by Christmas.  So I went on Esty and found EverythingDecorated who had the same product and I got it four days after I placed the order!

Anything Mark & Graham

Mark & Graham is a Pottery Barn company, that personalizes anything and everything you can imagine in very good quality. I love this cuff I got for my birthday this year. It’s totally versatile, stylish and lightweight.  They have so many gorgeous things for both men and women.  I also love this travel tie case for a guy who’s often on the road.

PLUS, any monogrammed items order before midnight tonight (Monday!) can still arrive in time for Christmas. #Score


Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing until you have it!  All of these items fell into that category for me and have made life a little bit easier… thank goodness 🙂


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