Give Your Attendees Something To Do

BLEND perfume bar at Travel Alberta eventWe spend a lot of time planning events for organizations that want to entertain and engage with their clients. These events are only a success if people show up and walk away remembering why they came and who hosted them. To be sure we can accomplish this for our clients, we’re constantly looking for new activities to engage their guests and peak their interest so the invitees want to come check out the event, and in turn, learn about our client’s brand and message.

photo-nov-30-6-33-06-pmFrom mixology events to cheese cave tours, we’ve done it all. Recently we tested out a new experience working with BLEND custom perfumery.  The lovely ladies at this Atlanta-based store bring the perfume blending experience to you, anywhere in the U.S. This event took place in Charlotte, so we found a private space in a fancy downtown restaurant overlooking the city where guests could use a mix of the company’s perfume scents to create their own “celebrity fragrance”. BLEND staffers educated guests about the basics behind perfume making while they sampled hundreds of scents to blend their perfect perfume to take home.

Reindeer games holiday cocktailA post-work event is never complete without a little libation so we served these festive spiced mule cocktails dubbed “Reindeer Games”, and solid sustenance like lobster mac and cheese to balance the cocktails.  We had to learn how to recreate this spicy mule ourselves and learned that the secret ingredients were Domaine de Canton (something you can find in any liquor store apparently), and ginger-cinnamon infused Ketel One Vodka!

Having a brand’s message resonate after the event is all about the full experience they have while there. This combination of a custom cocktail upon arrival with an activity, hands-on experience, and personalized takeaway had guests walking away with lots to talk about, which further solidifies our client’s brand in their mind.


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