How To Impress Your Clients With A Personalized Event

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We work with a lot of organizations to help them execute events to host and entertain current and potential clients.  This is not an easy feat because, regardless of what you do for a living, life is crazy and calendars are full.  So, you HAVE to stand out. This is precisely what we sought to do with an event at Kate Spade last week for our awesome friends at SpotMe, a mobile app company for events.   

Choosing the Venue: Then and Now

Our relationship with SpotMe started in 2015 when they asked us to come up with a unique event for them in the DC area. Given the female-dominated market they are in, we started by considering brands many women loved and desired. Kate Spade was one of the first on our list, and since they had recently opened a new store in City Center, it worked perfectly.  

But we didn’t stop there. By diving into SpotMe’s branding and understanding what they do best for their clients, we learned that they pride themselves on customization. Ding-ding-ding! Enter our light bulb moment. Kate Spade has started monogramming its products, so we decided on a personalization event capitalizing on what SpotMe does best. We sought to entice planners to come learn about the company by offering a personally monogrammed handbag or wallet. It was a hit.

Growing the Event

Given the popularity of the event in 2015, we took it a step further for the 2016 installment and branded this event as the company’s “Signature Annual Monogramming Soiree.” This helped elevate its status and gave planners a real sense that this was a premier event made special for them.

We took the company’s Spot “Man” logo and had them recreate a lady version to include on the invitation:


We didn’t want it to be a free-for-all by providing attendees with a gift card and letting them “loose” in the store. Instead, we used messaging and curated five gift packages that related the client’s profession, lifestyle and SpotMe’s branding. This included the “Tech Diva,” which was Kate Spade’s Everpurse that actually charges your phone, and the “Girl About Town,” which included the Cameron Street Sima Crossbody Bag.  

SpotMe's Kate Spade customization packages

This gave the SpotMe team a chance to spend time with each client, explaining all of the gift package options they had to choose from. The reps got great facetime with each and every one of the 24 people that attended, which is the ultimate goal.  

Insider Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask store management for a deal! They extended a 15% discount off all purchases if client’s wanted to shop more that evening.

The Details

For food and beverage, we kept it very light. Hosting the event from 5-7pm allowed us to keep the menu tight and on budget. Some lovely passed hors d’oeuvres like maple glazed bacon lollipops provided by Spilled Milk Catering and some bubbly did the trick.  

Final Tips and Advice

  1. Always consider tying your brand into your theme in some way. It doesn’t have to be perfectly obvious, but allows for a good transition when you’re meeting with your customers at the event.   
  2. Kate Spade monogramming includes so many of their products now! For those that can’t be monogrammed, you can DIY-it by purchasing these awesome gold letters that stick onto all of their products. The letters don’t come off though so definitely make sure your spelling is on point 😉

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